From my the pages below and showreel you'll see that a lot of my work is centered around long and short form films, TVC's, music videos and corporate material. Satisfied clients have included Virgin Airlines, Seafolly, Foxtel, Warner Music, Sanity Music, University of Sydney and the ABC. For a full list of completed work, my LinkedIn Profile has the lot.


P2 Creative content agency

More fun working the grade on this campaign for Subaru in partnership with the film “Secret Life of Pets 2”. Some great comping and graphics work bring this piece together.


Director - David williams

Being a Star Wars nutter as I am, this project was a great escape to deliver a very specific brief and technical grade for Fantastic Furniture. The colour tones for bedroom scenes were all carefully crafted and having the particulars signed off was paramount for Director David Williams from P2. They have really captured the vibe of the films and the accompanying kid’s range is highlighted by a perfect soundtrack and graphics.

Music Video


Was an absolute pleasure working with the Australia's best music artists. The Sony Music All-Stars have put together a rendition of 'With a little help from my friends'. Olivia Newton-John, John Farnham, Human Nature, Delta Goodrem and Jessica Mauboy just to name a few. The Postproduktiv team were in charge of the online assembly and footage came in form all over the world. Different formats, frame rates, cameras, a real mix of everything. DaVinci kept eating it up as always..

Marketing Campaign

Director - Jay Button

This Summer swimwear campaign video was exquisitely shot on the RED Epic. Some of the most amazing scenery on Queensland's Sunshine Coast is the backdrop for this Seafolly video shoot Directed by Jay Button. It was easy to come on board for the grading, and Jay was great to work with again as always. We spent some time working the footage to meet specific garment and skin tone requirements a priority of course.

TVC Campaign

Director - DAvid Williams

This TVC for is one of the excellent examples of the high standard postproduktiv set for their commercial work.

It's received some great airtime and rightly so, everything about the campaign is first class. From the wonderful Jess Yates from Fox Sports through to the motion graphics. Director David Williams and cinematographer Mikey Hamer sent the grading my way and we love the finished piece.

Short Film

Director - DaVid Burrowes

What a ripping little short film this is. Dark, brooding and a jump scare at every turn.

Social Media Branding

Director - Nick Waterman

Virgin Australia ‘Pet Lounge’ & ‘VIP Kids Class’

For the last couple of years, Virgin Australia have put together a set of promotional videos that have exploded the internet. The first one - The Virgin Australia ‘Pet Lounge’ had a very healthy 200,000 viral views on the first day it was released. This year's VIP Kids club smashed 1-million views in 24 hours! on FB.

Director Nick Waterman has put together some stellar advertising shot on the Alexa and with some very cute animals, the grading on this piece was about as enjoyable as it gets. We gave the interior of the plane a modern feel to assist the super production design and cute kids. Emulating a child’s playground and ideal flying experience was the goal and everyone excelled at delivering the look, that’s for sure. As always, it was fantastic to work with Nick and Tom Pearce from Brilliant Films again - their work is always at the highest standard.



Music Video

Director - Mikey Hamer

For Jasmine Rae's Video for 'Everybody Wants To Take My Money'. Director and DOP Mikey Hamer designed a cool lighting rig for the end sequence and we had some fun with the contrasting heavy stylised lighting to the outdoor country landscape. Came up a treat!

Feature Film

Director - Joseph Sims-Dennett

Shot on a combination of Alexa and Canon 5D by Rodrigo Vidal Dawson, the film looks spectacular and to hear Joseph compliment all the contributors to the project was really encouraging. All their hard work culminated in the now- final combination of assets in DaVinci Resolve.

The phrases "dirty browns" and "less straw" were thrown around a lot and in the end we went back and forth to come to our final look for the movie. It's been great having a Director who isn't afraid to experiment even when he came in with a distinct look for the film in mind.

Observance had it's Australian premiere after a great run in the overseas festival circuit. More details are here

IF magazine article found here

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The official website can be found here

Music Video

Director - Nick Waterman

When I was presented with the opportunity to work with some awesome RED Epic footage shot by Velinda Wardell ACS ( - I jumped at the chance. It was Director Nick Waterman who hit upon the idea to travel to Mt. Isa to the biggest rodeo in the southern hemisphere with Bertie and film her latest music video.

'Kingdom of Alone' was produced by Grammy award winner Francois Tetaz (Gotye/Kimbra/ Lo-Fang). Bertie's Album 'The Dash' is out now

Music Video

Director - Chris Elder

Smoke machines, backlighting and a  killer breakdown in an abandoned warehouse. Nothing bad here. Director Chris Elder makes a statement with some Epic footage! We brought up the highlights and smoke machines work and still kept the subtle colours in the cymbals. 9 Million views and counting!!

Feature Film

Director - Amin Palangi

Director Amin Palangi supervised and I graded this 70 minute feature over several weeks. What a great experience connecting these seemingly unrelated story-lines through a consistent balance, and yet separate colour palettes. I was responsible for the lead VFX work on 25 shots that involved extensive tracking, keying, colour balance, lighting and grain matching on that bus shelter poster. This was definitely the largest time spent working on a project that spanned several months all up.